“The War Bonnet Collection” Precast Bronze

“The War Bonnet Collection”,Precast Bronze, Series I, Edition/ 18, Sioux, Size 18”H x 10”W x 10”D In many petroglyph’s, the swirl patterns represents the circled migration of Native American tribes to end up where they currently live, metaphor for life’s journey. “In 1868, when the combined tribes of the Lakota wished to recognize Sitting Bull as “head chief”, the prominent men of the tribes presented him with an eagle feather bonnet: He was reminded that he must be like the eagle, for the eagle is the chief of all birds, its feathers are the rewards of valor, it flies highest. A chief should study to resemble the eagle. Then they brought out a magnificent war bonnet, with a beaded brow band, ermine pendants, and a swagger crown of lustrous black and white eagle plumes. This splendid headgear had trailing double tail eagle tail feathers cascading down the back to drag on the ground. Every feather on the bonnet represented some brave deed, some coup performed by the warrior who had contributed it. It was in fact the symbol of the combined valor of the Northern Teton Sioux, with it Sitting Bull was publicly crowned”.